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Cryo-aesthetics hands-free slimming device - 4 handpieces

Choose cryotherapy to slim down with cold!

HTA’CRYO 4 PLUS is a cryo-aesthetics slimming device with localized action. Optimize your time and profitability with its hands-free function.

This technology with 4 handpieces can target up to 3 areas at the same time: the stomach, the hips and love handles, the arms, the knees, and the thighs. It’s ideal for getting rid of stubborn fat.

Moreover, several sizes of applicators are available. You can therefore target various areas including a double chin, with a specific handpiece, and the abdomen, with a large applicator.

cryolipolise HTA Technologie cryo minceur cellulite

How does cryolipolysis work?

HTA CRYO 4 PLUS activates lipolysis through a natural process.
Adipose tissue is first heated and then cooled with the aim of creating heat shock, which results in the crystallization of the fat stored in cells. Body fat is then reduced and the silhouette is redefined.
Fat cells are gradually dissolved and naturally eliminated by the body.

Cold temperatures guarantee lasting results after 30 days and lead to:

  • Loss of inches
  • A visible decrease in cellulite
  • Improved skin tone

The first results are visible at the end of treatment and continue improving for 2 to 4 weeks after the last session.


This device is suitable for men and women having a certain amount of fat mass to ensure optimum suction. Recommended as part of a weight-loss program or to reduce cellulite.

The following areas can be targeted: the abdomen, love handles, the infragluteal fold, the inner knees and thighs, well-localized saddlebags, bra bulge, the arms, and more.
Results appear gradually and are visible in the month following the 1st session.
Once adipocytes have been cooled during the session, they gradually die and are then naturally eliminated by the body; the layer of fat is thus reduced.
We recommend a course of 6 to 8 treatments, with one session per month and per area.