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Cryo-aesthetics hands-free slimming device - 2 handpieces

Choose cryotherapy to slim down with cold!

HTA’CRYO 2 is a cryo-aesthetics device that’s perfect for targeting and eliminating fat mass.

This hands-free technology with 2 handpieces can treat the most stubborn areas such as the stomach, the hips and love handles, the arms, the knees, and the thighs.

A genuine alternative to liposuction, this essential method guarantees long-lasting results. Indeed, the following are observed:

– Loss of inches
– Decrease in cellulite
– Firming and toning of tissue
– Hands-free technology: optimum use of time and increased profitability
– Targeted application

How does cryolipolysis work?

Pièce à mains cryo esthétique HTA Technologies

HTA CRYO 2 activates lipolysis through a natural process. Adipose tissue is cooled, inducing the crystallization of the fat stored in cells.
This process reduces body fat, diminishes cellulite and sculpts the silhouette.

Cold temperatures achieve long-lasting and visible results from the 2nd session.
Indeed, the dissolution of fat is a gradual process; fat cells are gradually dissolved and then naturally eliminated by the body.

Good to know: Our technologies are designed to work in synergy!
With its draining action, HTA DRAIN 2 in 1 is an ideal companion to facilitate the elimination of toxins and optimize the results.


This device is suitable for men and women having a certain amount of fat mass to ensure optimum suction. We recommend a course of 6 to 10 treatments, with one session per month and per area.
Results appear gradually and are visible in the month following the first session.
Once adipocytes have been cooled during the session, they gradually die and are then naturally eliminated by the body; the layer of fat is thus reduced.
Our technology is based on a physical phenomenon called the Peltier effect: a shell-shaped applicator "sucks in" the fatty bulge, which settles at the bottom of this shell, and then a mechanism comparable to a "heat pump" extracts calories from this area and lowers the temperature from 37°C / 99°F to around 6°C / 43°F within just a few minutes.