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Radiofrequency anti-aging device - Available in 2 formats

Radiofrequency therapy to combat skin slackening

The NEW LIFT device is an anti-aging technology that uses radiofrequency energy. Its multiple handpieces allow you to perform a customized treatment.


A genuine alternative to invasive techniques and surgical procedures, this device produces visible results from the first session by reducing wrinkles and contouring the face.


This technology is available in two formats:
column and compact.

Radiofrequency therapy: an essential anti-aging ally

HTA’NEW LIFT treats moderate slackening of the facial skin with a rapidly visible tightening effect. Indeed, radiofrequency energy is particularly useful for tightening and firming the skin (loss of facial volume) and for treating the facial contour and jowls. This technique can redefine the facial contour by heating the deepest layers of the epidermis. This thermal stimulation:

– Activates the fibroblasts,
– Boosts collagen and elastin production,
– Reactivates the skin regeneration process.

It is ideal for combating skin slackening and reducing wrinkles. Instant lifting effect!

Effective and non-invasive technology to combat skin slackening

Radiofrequency systems are now capable of re-tightening fibers through the controlled heating of the dermis, without any pain or risk of burns. In parallel, this gradual heating also activates the creation of new collagen for long-lasting effects. HTA’NEW LIFT uses monopolar radiofrequency and bipolar radiofrequency.

Monopolar radiofrequency works deep down by exerting thermal action, reaching the subcutaneous tissue and achieving a real tightening effect.

The bipolar radiofrequency head ensures a safer and more comfortable treatment. Indeed, the energy sent is retrieved by a second electrode.

This device works by emitting very high-frequency electromagnetic waves that pass through the skin and produce heat in the subcutaneous tissue.

“A professional anti-aging device for visible and long-lasting results”

  • Instant tightening effect
  • Mono- and bipolar radiofrequency
  • Several tips available
  • Compact device – A column version is available


The practitioner first cleanses the skin using appropriate products and then performs the treatment on the desired area. A session can last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the area and the customer’s needs.
- The face
- The neck
- The décolleté
- The eyes
- The mouth
- The body
We recommend a course of 6 treatments, i.e.
- 4 sessions the first month, with one treatment per week
- Followed by 2 more sessions, with one treatment every 15 days