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HTA DRAIN 2 IN 1 – Drainage

Hands-free pressotherapy device - Several formats available

essential for slimming treatments.

A real must-have for your slimming treatments, HTA DRAIN 2 IN 1 is an ideal technology to drain and detoxify the body, reduce water retention and facilitation the elimination of released fat.

Featuring an infrared system and a compression system, this device has 20 inflatable fabric modules and uses a mechanical and pneumatic draining technique.

The accessories’ components are filled with air at varying rates, exerting light pressure in a rhythmic motion. This action activates blood and lymph flow, thereby promoting the elimination of toxins and reducing “orange peel” skin.

– Hands-free: saves time and increases profitability
– Stimulates blood and lymph flow
– Eliminates toxins and improves weight loss
– Reduces “orange peel” skin
– Provides a moment of relaxation

Several formats are available:
1 – HTA Drain 2 in 1 – Lightweight, easy-to-remove compact format with an infrared system
2 – HTA Drain 2 in 1 – Column format on wheels, with an infrared system
3 – HTA Drain – Lightweight and removable compact format

appareil professionnel pressothérapie


By improving blood and lymph flow, pressotherapy helps relieve blood circulation problems, sensations of heavy legs, edema and lymphedema, varicose veins, etc.
This technique also drains the body and facilitates the elimination of toxins.
Infrared light reduces “orange peel” skin by reactivating the body’s drainage, elimination and destocking mechanisms. This helps reduce fat mass, improves skin regeneration and refines the silhouette.
Infrared light can help accelerate basal metabolism, which is the fastest, most natural and most sustainable way to lose weight.
A session lasts 20 to 40 minutes on average.
The sessions can be held 48 hours apart.