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Pulsed-light photo-rejuvenation and hair removal

Pulsed light for long-lasting hair removal!

HTA PULSE SHR is the latest innovation in pulsed-light technology.
It achieves long-lasting hair removal and also improves the skin’s appearance through photo-rejuvenation.

With its 2 handpieces and varying filtration, this professional device saves you time, is more comfortable to use, and produces optimum results.

– 2 modes: Multi-pulsed and scanning SHR
– 2 uses: Hair removal and photo-rejuvenation
– A fast and comfortable treatment with a water cooling system
– Visible and long-lasting results
– Prevents 80 to 90% of the treated hairs from growing back
– One of the lowest costs per pulse on the market

How does it work?

Light is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hairs and is then carried to the root of the hair.
The heat produced destroys the hair germ cells responsible for hair regrowth, without any side effects. This non-invasive technology removes 80 to 90% of the treated hairs.

  • MULTI-PULSED mode treats with repeated pulses and is ideal for working on small areas with a high level of precision.
  • Scanning SHR mode is perfect for treating large areas such as the torso and legs. The treatment process is therefore faster and more comfortable.

Its 2 handpieces make it one of the most effective all-in-one devices on the market, with a controlled cost per pulse for increased profitability.


Our technology is suitable for both women and men; however, the customer’s phototype is decisive.
Pulsed light can treat fair to dark skin and brown hairs (phototypes 1 to 5).

Since white hairs contain no melanin, they are unable to absorb the light intended to destroy them.
Photo-rejuvenation targets the face, neck and décolleté.

With its hair removal function, you can treat the following areas:
– Legs
– Arms
– Underarms
– Bikini area
– Torso
– Back
– Beard
Depending on the area and the amount of hair, 6 to 8 sessions 8 weeks apart will be necessary to permanently remove over 90% of hairs. Maintenance sessions may be scheduled as needed.