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Electrostimulation slimming device - Muscle strengthening

A slimming device that refines
and sculpts the silhouette!

HTA MAG is a slimming device based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves. It works to:

– Sculpt and tone the silhouette,
– Eliminate fat mass,
– Develop muscle mass.

Without any sensations of pain or discomfort.

“One HTA MAG session = thousands of contractions!”

Interface de l'HTA MAG - appareil minceur - emsculpt

Electromagnetic waves

HTA MAG is a latest-generation magnetic electrostimulation device.
With classical training, we contract 30% of our muscle fibers on average; high-level athletes manage to contract 80% of them, while HTA MAG stimulates them at a rate of 100%!

Electromagnetic waves are deeply diffused and trigger extremely powerful muscle contractions that the human body would not able to create on its own at such a high intensity and frequency. These contractions increase the number and volume of muscle fibers.

This intense physical activity deeply reorganizes the inner structure, leading to muscle gain and by extension loss of inches. A 30-minute session induces thousands of contractions, which is equal to thousands of crunches or squats!

With its 4 handpieces, 2 of which are small and curved, this technology targets the abdominal wall, the entire buttocks, the arms, and the thighs.

The first results are visible 2 to 4 weeks after the second session. They appear gradually and are clearly visible at the end of the course of treatment.


This device is suitable for both men and women, whether or not they are athletes.
It adds muscle to the areas targeted and eliminates fat mass at the same time.

This treatment is also great for athletes wanting to maintain their body and/or optimize their training; it is ideal for post-sport recovery.
The 1st results are visible from the second week.
They appear gradually, since the session first stimulates the muscle as much as possible, thereby “tearing” the muscle fibers (muscle development).
Over the next few days, these are filled in and reconstructed through a sufficient intake of protein. This process requires energy, which means the body draws from its reserves. A dual strengthening and slimming effect is achieved.

After the final session, the body will continue “working” for a few weeks, after which the end result will be visible.
We recommend courses of 8 to 10 treatments, with 2 sessions per week.