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Pulsed-light device - 1 handpiece - Available in 2 formats

This professional pulsed-light device lets you treat the body and face and guarantees an optimum result.

  • 2 possible uses: hair removal and photo-rejuvenation
  • A rapid and comfortable treatment with the water cooling system
  • Visible and long-lasting results
  • One of the lowest costs per pulse on the market

Pulsed light: essential in beauty salons!

HTA PULSE is our most advanced and most recent technology.
It removes unwanted body hair through selective photothermolysis.

Our non-invasive pulsed-light system lastingly removes unwanted hairs in excellent conditions of comfort and safety. Light is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hairs in the anagen growth phase and is then carried to the root of the hair. This light is converted into heat and this thermal effect destroys the hair germ cells responsible for hair regrowth, without any side effects.

Hair has its own cycle and new dormant hairs may appear, especially as a result of hormonal disruptions, for example (pregnancy, menopause, etc.). This means that 8 to 12 sessions 4 to 8 weeks apart will be necessary depending on the area.

This is a real must-have treatment for your salon that will allow you to safely and effectively remove every last hair.


Our technology is suitable for both women and men.
Pulsed light can treat fair to dark skin and brown hairs (phototypes 1 to 5).

Since white hairs contain no melanin, they are unable to absorb the light intended to destroy them.
With HTA Pulse, you can treat the following areas:
– Legs
– Arms
– Underarms
– Bikini area
– Torso
– Back
– Beard
Depending on the area and the amount of hair, 6 to 8 sessions 8 weeks apart will be necessary to permanently remove over 90% of hairs.
Maintenance sessions may be scheduled as needed.