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Light therapy to eliminate blemishes and signs of aging.

Photobiomodulation for everyone!

The 7-color LED mask is a hands-free device that uses a gentle cold-light biostimulation technique.
This light therapy technology helps reduce blemishes and signs of aging through the use of various wavelengths ranging from 400 to 640 nm and 144 LEDs. Non-invasive and painless, this treatment is suitable for both women and men, regardless of their skin type.

It can supplement your traditional line of facial treatments by showcasing your skills and constituting an add-on treatment in terms of price.

What’s more, the 7-color LED mask frees up your hands, which means it can be proposed alone, at the same time as a body treatment, or in combination with a facial treatment to boost its effects.

The specific actions of LED therapy.

Masque LED HTA - Lumière blanche

White light – 400 to 700 nm
Accelerates tissue metabolism

White light deeply penetrates and accelerates tissue metabolism.

Masque LED HTA - Lumière jaune pour les coups de soleil et apaiser la peau

Yellow light – 570 to 600 nm
Sunburns – Redness – Erythema

Effective for treating rosacea and redness caused by sun exposure.
It stimulates blood and lymph flow, relieves inflammation, detoxifies the skin and reduces puffiness.

Masque LED HTA - Lumière rouge pour l'anti-âge, rides et ridules

Red light – 640 to 950 nm
Skin slackening – Wrinkles & Scars

Recognized for its anti-aging action, it helps stimulate fibroblasts and increase collagen production, essential for tissue renewal. It also tones and firms the skin, accelerates healing and reduces wrinkles.

Masque LED HTA - Lumière verte pour l'hyperpigmentation et l'uniformité du teint

Green light – 495 to 570 nm
Hyperpigmentation – Discoloration – Even complexion

Reduces pigmentation marks and evens out the complexion. Indeed, it penetrates the sub-layers of the skin by targeting melanocytes and regulates melanin production.

Masque LED HTA - Lumière bleue pour les imperfections et la peau grasse

Blue light – 450 to 495 nm
Blemishes – Oily skin – Inflammation

Blue light is used to purify the skin, regulate sebum and kill the bacteria responsible for acne. It is effective against comedones and spots, improves blood flow, and reduces inflammation and redness.

Masque led HTA - lumière violette pour l'acné, les rougeurs et la rosacée

Violet light – 380 to 450 nm
Acne – Redness – Rosacea

This light combines red and blue light.
It thus eliminates the bacteria that cause acne while reducing facial inflammation and minimizing residual scarring.

Masque led HTA - couleur cyan pour l'acné

Cyan light – 490 nm
Acne & Hyperpigmentation

Here, blue light and green light are combined to simultaneously treat acne and hyperpigmentation. It also helps even out the complexion and improves skin radiance.

The advantages of photobiomodulation

– Promotes cell renewal
– Boosts collagen production
– Regulates sebum production
– Improves the skin’s appearance
– Diminishes wrinkles and fine lines
– Reduces redness and relieves inflammation
– Minimizes scars and pigmentation marks
– Firms skin tissue
– Treats inflammatory acne

avant aprés masque led HTA - lumière rouge


We recommend a course of 10 treatments, with 1 or 2 sessions per week, to achieve visible results. A session lasts 20 to 30 minutes.
Here are the key steps:
- Facial cleansing
- Application of an HTA cream mask
- Installation of the LED mask and selection of the appropriate color

Treatments can also be customized by combining 2 or 3 colors to address various problems (example: alternate between red and yellow light for an anti-aging and soothing treatment).
Light therapy is suitable for anyone who tolerates sunlight.
There are almost no side effects, and there are very few contraindications.
It is a non-invasive and completely painless technique.