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Body and face contouring device

Offer comprehensive, custom contouring with a single device!

HTA SHAPEBODY is a contouring device that features 4 technologies for optimum and long-lasting results.

Their combined actions guarantee an optimum treatment that shapes and refines the silhouette, improves the oxygenation of cells, softens up tissue and improves blood and lymph flow. Fat cells are converted into fatty acids and toxins and then naturally eliminated.

This technology with 5 specific treatment heads has comprehensive contouring action on the face, neck, arms, back, stomach, buttocks, thighs and calves. The rollers are motorized for easier application.

Innovative treatment techniques


Infrared light heats the skin and adipose tissue to a depth of 4 mm. The heat produced promotes lipolysis, stimulates blood flow and improves lymphatic drainage. Moreover, it stimulates the production of fibers and collagen and improves cell oxygenation.
The result is radiant, toned and smoothed skin.

Based on the emission of very high-frequency electromagnetic waves, bipolar RF is able to precisely target small areas. Tissue is heated at a depth of 2 to 20 mm for contouring action and a tightening effect. This thermal stimulation activates the fibroblasts and boosts collagen and elastin production. Ideal for combating skin slackening and reducing wrinkles; instant lifting effect!


High-power suction massages the adipose tissue at various depths, induces subcutaneous bleeding in the area to be treated, and creates a fold. Using suction to drain the tissue, the applicator conducts radiofrequency energy and infrared light during treatment.

Lastly, mechanical palpate-roll, combined with the techniques described above, works on the fold in order to:
– Dislodge and dissolve fatty deposits
– Reduce cellulite and tone tissue
– Stimulate lymph flow and drainage

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This device is suitable for both men and women, to treat the body and/or face.
The aim is to refine and sculpt the silhouette through targeted action.
All areas of the body: buttocks, thighs, calves, arms, back and stomach.
For the face: facial contour, eye contour, eyelids and neck.
A number of results are observed. In fact, HTA SHAPEBODY:
- Brightens the complexion
- Lifts the eye area and facial contour
- Combats cellulite
- Firms and smooths the skin
- Boosts collagen production
- Reduces “orange peel” skin
- Sculpts and refines the silhouette
- Improves blood and lymph flow
- Contours the face

The first results are visible immediately, especially on the face, and continue to be refined over the next few weeks. Several sessions are necessary to achieve a significant contouring effect.
For long-lasting results, plan on around 10 sessions, with 2 treatments per week.
Each session lasts 20 to 30 minutes.